How to choose your cryptocurrency platform?

  • 10/13/2021
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How to choose your cryptocurrency platform?

Cryptocurrency platforms are growing like mushrooms. There are now hundreds of them, and cryptocurrency traders no longer know where to go to open their accounts to speculate on altcoins … The phenomenon is enriched by crypto-currencies which launch their first listing (post-ICO) on platforms almost unknown … They move the crowds … And traders always looking for “nuggets” do not hesitate to open accounts everywhere, as the opening procedure is simple.

The cryptocurrency platforms for buying or exchanging crypto-currencies are generally not regulated, or very poorly regulated. It is therefore very risky to deposit funds there, and even more risky to leave funds there. This is why I invite you to always transfer your crypto-currencies (after purchase or exchange) to a private wallet.


Criteria to take into account when choosing your cryptocurrency platform

I- the notoriety of the crypto-currency platform; Customer reviews …

II- The number of active customers; The transaction volume in Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO … generated by the clients of this platform.

III- The number of crypto-currencies offered

IV- The ergonomics of the site or the exchange platform …

V- Support for the exchange platform


Without regulation, the criteria that distinguish the different crypto-currency exchange sites are diverse and varied … And to the good judgment of each … If you have other criteria to take into account, do not hesitate to comment on the discussion.

3 important criteria for choosing your Cryptocurrency platform

I- Choose a crypto-currency platform known and used by the vast majority of crypto-currency traders

II- Only buy Cryptocurrencies that can be transferred to a private wallet

III- Do not leave your crypto-currencies there. After purchase, immediately transfer the crypto-currencies to your private wallets.


Good to know: some regulated CFD brokers now offer CFD trading on major cryptocurrencies. You can also find futures brokers offering cryptocurrency futures.

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