Ertha’s Seed Funding Round Backed by 4 Investors

  • 10/10/2021
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Ertha’s metaverse, built on Binance smart chain, has just concluded a seed funding round. The project has garnered interest from the venture capitals and ended with an oversubscribed seed round which was considered an excellent achievement for the projects’ fundamentals.

Ertha has collected funding from 4 venture capitalists. Investors backed the project seed funding round:-

  • Mars4
  • Terranova
  • X21
  • Momentum 6

NFTs have been gaining much attention over the current year and have attracted investments from both individuals and institutions.

A Little About Ertha

A Little About Ertha

Ertha is a game that will encompass a real-world simulation where people will be getting jobs, creating states, building industries, waging wars, and much more. Check Ertha’s whitepaper to learn more about the concept and core mechanics of the game.

Ertha is an economical, social MMO with a world consisting of 350,000 HEX land plots, which are for sale as an NFT. Owning a HEX plot means you will earn fees for every transaction in that plot as a landowner. Ertha promises to become a lucrative world for players interested in P2E games with interesting deep mechanics that would throw players in a metaverse that offers the same sophistication and complexity as the real world.

The game plans to offer players who invest their time into it to generate constant revenue that will keep growing as they gain more experience and own more properties.

Ertha foundation has invested 2 million USD into game development so far.

Ertha’s Plans & The Upcoming Schedule

The seed round, which consists of 5% of token supply (1 million tokens), will be followed by a private round of 20% of the total token supply. A public round will be issued later on, allowing everyone to participate. Please check the token sale schedule to learn more about the token sale, release schedule, and fund allocation.

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