6 Things to Know to Become a Better Crypto Trader

  • 10/01/2021
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To become a better crypto trader, you need to know some things. Some of these things you need to know that can help you become a better crypto trader will be discussed in this guide. 

6 Things You Must Know to Be a Better Crypto Trader

Below are 6 things to know that will help you become a better crypto trader. 

1. Have a purpose to trade

You must remember that crypto trading is not a hobby. Real money is on the line when you are trading. Many other traders are trying to earn money just as much as you do. Among these people are professional and experienced traders with sophisticated tools at their disposal.

This pool of seasoned professionals makes crypto trading a competitive and high-risk environment. It is therefore imperative that you approach trading not like a hobby, but rather with a purpose.

2. Have a proper trading plan

You need to be cautious before you start trading. Being cautious implies that everything is in place for you to minimize risk and maximize opportunities. There are different types of trading and you need to decide on what type you want to do.

You can choose automated trading, long-term holding and investing, high-frequency trading, day trading, or any other strategy. Carefully pick the trading tools and crypto exchange that fit well into your plan after you have chosen the type of trading.

3. Know your trading capital

Your capital is all you have when you are trading. It is your most important asset and you must secure it. The amount of capital you have will determine how you trade. 

Before going into a trade, determine how much capital you are willing to invest. The amount that you decide should be one that you can afford to lose, most especially if you are new to trading. Always track your capital, and change strategy if the rate of your return is low.

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4. Set profit targets and don’t get greedy

People go into crypto trading to earn money. However, people lose money when they do not set a profit target and when they become greedy. Good traders are calculative, calm, and patient.

As a trader, you may want to maximize an opportunity to make more profits by using all your assets in the trade. This is bad, and you should not make it a habit. Because of the market’s volatility, set a target and cash out once your target is met to minimize the risk of you losing all your capital.

Always withdraw your profit and keep your capital for trading. That way, even if there’s a crash in the market, you will not be too affected.

5. Use technological tools if you can

Traders these days have many helpful tools at their disposal. Some of these tools may include mobile apps, trading algorithms, crypto news aggregators, trading managers, and portfolio trackers, etc.

You must exploit these tools to become a better crypto trader. You do not need to use the entire tool, just select the ones that are good for your trading style. A system that provides you with faster and more reliable insights is all you need.

6. Protect your trading capital

You must keep your assets safe. It is not a good idea that you keep it all in one place. Diversifying your storage methods is the best way to protect your trading capital.

An exchange with great security standards and a great reputation can help you with that. Having the assurance that your assets are safe can help you make a better decision when you are trading.


These days, with lots of technological tools available to help you, it is easier to become a successful crypto trader. There will always be winners and losers when trading, but you will be the former when you practice the things discussed in this guide. 


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