Trader Says, BTC Price Top Will Be a “Number You Can’t Comprehend”

  • 09/27/2021
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  • Popular trader on Twitter says “BTC bottom is close but the top is likely a number you can’t comprehend.”
  • In his tweets, he described the broad state of Bitcoin at the moment and how he eyes $37K as its potential bottom.
  • However, the trader emphasizes that the upcoming BTC bottom “is unlikely to be there long.”

Popular Twitter crypto trader, Pentoshi, delivered a series of tweets about the broad state of Bitcoin at this time.

To clarify, reports show a significant dip in BTC overnight. Here, sellers showed persistent attempts of flipping it back up.

Source from CoinMarketCap

In the figure above, you can see how the value of BTC drastically dipped. As seen, BTC sealed another $40,000, as the battle for the weekly close took place. It is obvious how sellers exerted effort in keeping BTC’s value afloat.

While this might be a pressing issue, analysts actually focus on what would happen afterwards. Experts remain bullish on what’s going to happen next.

With this, Pentoshi predicts that BTC bottom is close and its price could hit $37,000 as its potential floor. However, even though he said the bottom might be at this value, he emphasized that “it is unlikely to be there long.”

Pentoshi also stressed that,

The bottom is closer than you think, and the top is likely a number you can’t comprehend at this time.

He also added that next year, people can see more countries adopting Bitcoin, expect multiple ETF approvals, and more publicly traded companies adding BTC. In other words, for him, Bitcoin adoption will be much evident and extensive next year.

Furthermore, Pentoshi says that in his opinion, “BTC will go to a new ATH and the cycle will repeat itself and leave altcoins into dust, which will, in turn, attract new retail participants.

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