Elon Musk Will Always Have Support of DOGE Community: Major Dogecoin Account

  • 09/26/2021
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Yuri Molchan

Owner of one of major Dogecoin Twitter accounts has promised that Elon Musk’s support to Dogecoin and its community will be mutually beneficial

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Dogecoin account @itsALLrisky with over 183,000 followers has tweeted that the support given to Dogecoin by the Tesla CEO Elon Musk will not go unnoticed by the community.

The Twitter user referred to it as “a mutually beneficial relationship” and has promised that the community of the most popular meme coin will always support Elon Musk.

He posted a picture of Boris Vallejo featuring Atlantis holding the Earth. The titan has Elon Musk’s face and there’s a Shiba Inu Doge character standing behind, offering his help.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk stressed the importance of making DOGE fees drop and supported the idea of the AMC cinema giant adopting Dogecoin for payments.

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