Bitcoin News today (30.09.2021) | Neironix

At the moment, the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency on the Binance today 30.09.21 is 46 308.25$. The daily trading volume was 13 453 700 000.00$. The price change was 2.29135%  You can take part in cryptocurrency trading on the Binance exchange Neironix doesn’t predict the Bitcoin rate. If you need the latest forecasts of the […]

LTC/USD Trade Keeps at $150

Litecoin Trade Keeps at $150 – September 30The LTC/USD trade keeps at a $150 trading level as it has continually featuring series of ups and downs around the value line in denial of a bullish trend returning. The crypto market witnesses a percentage rate of about 3.61, trading around the market level as stated above. […]

Where And Why Cryptocurrency Should Be Legally Recognized ⋆ ZyCrypto

Advertisement &nbsp &nbsp Advantages of cryptocurrencies over fiat money Most of the world’s central banks cautiously introduce crypto-currencies into legislation and just consider the idea of making them official. At the same time, El Salvador has taken a big step forward and became the first in the world to declare Bitcoin legal tender. […]

Lido Finance Review & Analysis

In recent months, the staking of crypto assets as a source of earning passive income has picked up a lot of interest amongst investors. And now staking as a service has become so so big that it is considered as a separate industry in the crypto-verse. This is further expected to increase at a substantial […]

Ripple Launches $250 Million Creator Fund Bringing NFTs to Ledger

Ripple has announced a $250 million Creator Fund to let developers experiment with novel uses for NFTs on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Ripple, in its statement, said that as part of the APEX 2021, XRP Ledger’s Developer Summit, the fund would allow creators to connect with the communities they work for by assisting them in […]

Top Crypto Tokens of the Day: BNB, OMG

Altcoin News The top two gainers of the day: BNB, OMG. Binance Coin currently stands fifth in the crypto market list. Layer-2 scaling solution OMG Network enhances Ethereum blockchain transactions. The crypto market continues to recover from its dump in the past month. Bitcoin and many altcoins show good performance these days. Notably, some altcoins […]

DyDx Price Continues To Climb New Highs, But Why It Is Surging?

The China FUD slashed many token’s prices in recent times, however, some remained distinct from the crowd. IT appeared that DyDx just utilized the reverse impact of the FUD to strengthen its roots in the market. But what factors led the DyDx price jump and what could be the future plan of action, would be […]

NFT Holder Airdrops: Hold NFTs to Get Free NFTs

With the rising popularity of NFTs in 2021, crypto enthusiasts are jumping on the NFT bandwagon to diversify their portfolios. A reason why NFTs have become so popular is that holding one NFT makes you eligible for more. That too, for free! Yes, you read that right! NFT Holder Airdrops is now the talk of […]

🔴 China Triggered Crypto Crash

 China sinks the crypto market, Twitter launches Bitcoin payments, and online dating could be hazardous to your crypto stash. These stories and more this week in crypto. The crypto market took multiple hits this week reacting to news coming from China. The first came following news that Evergrande—China’s second largest property developer is on […]

‘Faster And Cheaper Cross-Border Transfers’ — Banking Report Led By BIS Highlights The Benefits Of Cryptocurrency

According to a report published by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and a group of central banks, digital currencies can lead to faster settlement and cheaper transfers. Moreover, the banking group leveraged a prototype that shows how money transfers can be done in seconds with very little processing fees. Inexpensive Transfers & Speed: Bank […]