Nervos And Covalent Are Making Blockchain Data More Accessible

Nervos recently announced a collaboration with Covalent, a renowned developer of blockchain indexing solutions, onto both its testnet and mainnet. This will increase the amount of data available on its network and make it easier for developers to find accurate, high-quality data. The Nervos Network is a set of protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem […]

What is a DAO?

Do you remember when 'The Internet' was too slow and would never catch on? At that time, we were in the early stages of Web1: publishing became democratized and anyone could code a simple website and start blogging. Web2, a few years later, saw the rise of platforms such as Google, Facebook and Squarespace, who […]

Govt. Doesn’t “Do Banking Well,” JPMorgan CEO says It’s All About Transparency, Rule Of Law, And Governance

Bitcoin News Govt. Doesn’t “Do Banking Well,” JPMorgan CEO says It’s All About Transparency, Rule Of Law, And Governance AnTy September 27, 2021 Jamie Dimon says Bitcoin is “going to be regulated” and sees speculation due to the “tsunami” of money flows and liquidity to send it to $400,000 in five years. While banking giant […]

Bitcoin Spot Exchange Reserves Dropped by 12,500 BTC in the Past 2 Weeks, Suggesting the Dip is Being Bought

Bitcoin (BTC) was up by 5.9% in the last 24 hours to hit $43,885 during intraday trading, according to CoinMarketCap. Earlier this month, BTC experienced a significant pullback that prompted a $10K loss as over-leverage factors dominated. The leading cryptocurrency dropped from the $52,000 level to the $42K area. As a result, the BTC spot […]

Crypto Basics – Don’t know What Bitcoin crypto is? Here’s a Complete Guide

Everyone heard about Bitcoin in the past 2 years. The mainstream media helped push this cryptocurrency to the mainstream, as its price soared by more than 1,400%. On the other hand, it is not enough to simply hear about something. It is also important to understand what it stands for, how it started, and its […]

BTC is Legal Tender in El Salvador, And You Can Use it at McDonald’s

You can now walk into a McDonald’s or Starbucks in El Salvador and purchase your meal with Bitcoin. The reason for this is that Bitcoin is now legal tender in El Salvador and all businesses must accept it. We have come a long way since the days of Bitcoin being seen as a passing fad. […]


5 Interesting Blockchain Technology Uses You Should Know

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 to be the new monetary system of the world. However, Bitcoin and other cryptos underlying technology, blockchain, have expanded beyond the financial sector. The use of blockchain technology has spread across multiple industries.  The Revolution of Blockchain Bitcoin was created to be a novel monetary system run by a network […]

What is Ethereum? Best ETH Guide: Price, Mining, Wallets

 We’ve comprehensively updated our Ethereum guide, first published in 2018, to help keep you up to speed with this pioneering and constantly evolving platform and cryptocurrency.  In this guide, we’ll cover the basics from the creation of ETH to the possible future of well-known blockchain projects. This guide is purely educational. So if you want […]

Where to buy Flurry Finance as FLURRY spikes by 51%

The Flurry Finance token is currently trading at $0.0077 at the time of writing. The FLURRY token has recovered with a huge price spike of 51%. The early buyers of FLURRY could be looking at huge gains in the future if the current price rise continues. The FLURRY coin could possibly 5X or 10X in […]

Basic knowledge – The Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Is So Popular

The topic of cryptocurrency has been hot for the past few decades. Many people are familiar with cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. You are here because you don’t know why the cryptocurrency is growing in popularity around the world. We will be discussing 5 reasons this new currency is so popular in this article. Continue reading […]